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Headline: Orange County, City of Newburgh, Sewage Discharge Wet Weather Overflow, Hudson River/Quassaick Creek, CSO's No. 1-13
Activation Time: 05/16/18 10:13 PM
Expiration Time: 05/23/18 10:13 PM
Issued By: Newburgh WWTP
Affected Jurisdictions: Orange County: Newburgh (city)
Location of Discharge: 2 River St, Newburgh, NY 12550, USA
Additional Address Info: Various Permitted CSO Discharge Locations along the Hudson River & Quassaick Creek
Name of Waterbody Affected: Hudson River and Quassaick Creek
Description of Discharge: Combine Sanitary and Stormwater Sewer
Potential public area(s) impacted:
The following public areas were potentially impacted:
Boat Launch: Newbugh Yacht Club, Rowing Club & City of Newburgh Boat Launch
Fishing Area: Hudson River and Quassaick Creek

Facility name: Newburgh WWTP, Facility ID: NY0026310
Date and Time of Discharge: May 16 2018 6:00PM
Duration of Discharge: 24.0 hours unknown.
Reason for Discharge:
Weather Conditions: Permitted Wet Weather Overflow through SPDES CSO Outfalls

Volume or Rate of Discharge: 5000 Gallons Per Minute  (Estimated)
Treated State of Discharge: Untreated
Steps Taken to Contain Discharge: None - Wet Weather Permitted Overflow through SPDES Outfalls

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[Disclaimer: Daily and/or termination reports will be provided for ongoing discharges. The information provided in this message is accurate at the time of report using existing systems and models.]