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Headline: Syracuse, Permitted CSO Discharge, Harbor Brook
Activation Time: 04/16/18 9:20 PM
Expiration Time: 04/23/18 9:20 PM
Issued By: Metropolitan Syracuse WWTP
Affected Jurisdictions: Onondaga County: Syracuse
Location of Discharge: 106-128 Velasko Rd, Syracuse, NY 13204, USA
Additional Address Info: Multiple CSO points along Harbor Brook
Name of Waterbody Affected: Harbor Brook
Description of Discharge: Wet Weather related combined sewer overflows
Potential public area(s) impacted: It is unknown whether public areas were impacted
Facility name: Metropolitan Syracuse WWTP, Facility ID: NY0027081
Date and Time of Discharge: Apr 16 2018 7:00PM
Duration of Discharge: 12.0 hours ongoing.
Reason for Discharge:
Weather Conditions: Rain Event

Volume or Rate of Discharge: 195 Gallons Per Minute  (Estimated)
Treated State of Discharge: Untreated
Steps Taken to Contain Discharge: Permitted CSO Discharge

For more information on this and other discharges, visit SPRTK

[Disclaimer: Daily and/or termination reports will be provided for ongoing discharges. The information provided in this message is accurate at the time of report using existing systems and models.]


The volume of this discharge is an average based on the 2016 average CSO discharge. The estimated duration and volume of this discharge, if any, is unknown at the time of this report. The location identified is the furthest upstream CSO outfall on Harbor Brook. To see the probability and location of actual CSO discharges go to our map Map of probable discharges. For project information and more about Onondaga County's Save the Rain Program go to SaveTheRain Homepage.

Wet weather may cause sporadic CSO discharges